DJ Amir & Skeme Richards presents:
Hot Peas & Butta Band
7" single 2010
Side A
written by Big Pimp Jones,
produced by Big Pimp Jones
Side B
Hot Peas & Butta Radio Spot
Written by Skeme Richards,
produced by Skeme Richards
The Smokeout
written by Big Pimp Jones,
produced by Big Pimp Jones
Northview Motel *
written by Big Pimp Jones,
produced by Big Pimp Jones
* Digital release only


Hot Peas & Butta Band

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Artist - Hot Peas & Butta Band



Hot Peas and Butta is a gathering that takes you back into time where Saturday morning cartoons and cereal was the most important part of the day, when 12 noon while you were out riding your bike your older brothers and sisters were watching Soul Train doing the latest moves. A time when the newest Shaw Brothers films played side by side in the theaters with The Mack and Godzilla flicks. Now that things are all grown up, Hot Peas and Butta has become like the house parties that your parents used to throw where friends would gather, drink, play cards and dance the entire night until the early morn. Simply put, Hot Peas and Butta is a "feel good" party!

What originally started out in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia by DJ's Skeme Richards and Cash Money as an all 45 party spinning rare and not so rare funk, soul, afrobeat, reggae, breaks and other funky gems to a crowd of people that enjoy nothing more than shaking their groove thangs and getting sweaty on the floor has now turned into a traveling movement with with parties happening in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Switzerland. In 2010 Hot Peas and Butta see's a change in the DJ roster with bringing DJ Amir of the legendary digging duo, Kon & Amir and pairing him up with Mr. Fantastic himself, Skeme Richards. Both DJ's bring a certain uniqueness when spinning records from their extensive collection that keeps dancefloors packed to even the trendiest of music lovers.

Music is not all that Hot Peas and Butta is made up of, the amazing visuals shown on the projectors is what makes this sure shot something special. Various footage from Skeme Richards' personal VHS collection of rare commercials, tv shows, movie trailers, 70's cartoons, and concert footage is handpicked and put together for each party to add that extra flair which brings the complete Hot Peas package together. In 2010 Amir and Skeme get set to take the show on the road internationally by delivering that funky goodness throughout Europe and all points in between. You can definitely expect to see and hear from an all star cast of 45 heavyweights in a city near you.

Record Breakin' Music is proud to release the limited edition 45 Hot Peas & Butta project. Hot Peas & Butta Band is a mix of Skeme's dusty 45s, a collection of legendary blaxploitation flicks, a packed dancefloor and the musical stylings of a funky band from Philly called Big Pimp Jones.

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