Kissey Asplund
7" single 2008

1. Move Me
Produced by Soliloquy

2. 99 Bottles (ft. Bless 1) Produced by Suff Daddy


Kissey Asplund

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Artist - Kissey Asplund



DJ King Britt and Dozia from Back2Basics, have a chat with DJ Junior of Record Breakin' and one of his featured artists, Kissey Asplund. Listen as they discuss the industry, the music, and making connections.

Part 2 of King Britt & DJ Dozia's Back2Basics show talking with DJ Junior and Kissey Asplund about instant networking in the music industry. Featuring a live performance by Kissey at the Back2Basics Party. Check out Back2Basics every monday night at Silk City.

This swedish vocalist is born in the beginning of the 80s, 1982 to be correct. Living in Malmoe and Funkadelicville she records/writes and exists with her music. Childhood influences? Take a Scandinavian Beatles-Rolling Stones-ELO father, add a Caribbean disco-Donna Summer mother and top it off with a radio-listening kid.

She started to play piano at a young age and with the years she became more and more involved, singing in choirs and playing other instruments. In her late teens she decided to stop with music totally, she wasn’t at all pleased with her “sound” and the youthfulness in her voice. So she aimed for a career within fine arts and design.

In the late 2005 her dear friends Dj Krime and Jim Dunloop insisted, persisted and convinced her that she should go up on Myspace. Today almost 3 years later the result can be heard.

She´s been collaborating with various producers e g Ishfaq, Dj hen Boogie, Ben Mono, Pablo Sanchez, Dyno, Blackmonk, Kidkanevil, Rustie, O.boogie, Sene & Chief, Replife, Big people, Papa Jazz Crew, Flyphonic, Suff Daddy, Aaron Jerome, Kool Dj Dust, Wildelux, Flyphonic and many more.

In 2007 she was chosen as one of the "Rookies" by the festival of Hultsfred based solely on her myspace-page. She has performed and appeared at clubs and events e g Raw Fusion in Sthlm, Refreshing sounds in NL, hosted at Friends and Family in London, and is now on her SomeWhatOneGirl-tour in the US (which can be followed through her blog : SomeWhatStrangeLife.blogspot.com).

In April 2008 Kissey released a limited edition 7" "Move Me/99Bottles" on Record Breakin' Music (USA).

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