La Melodia - Chemisty/Working On It
7" single 2010
Side A
written by Melodee, produced by I.N.T.
Piano, Backing vocals by U-Gene
Gitar by Steve Hartley
Mixed by Yann Boogie
(M.M.M. Alexander, P.W. Samidjono)
Side B
ft. Melodee and Steve Hartley - Working On It 
Written by Steve Hartley and Melodee, produced by I.N.T.
Bass, guitar by Steve Hartley
Mixed by Yann Boogie
(M.M.F. Alexander, S.H. Linger, P.W. Samidiono)


La Melodia

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Artist - La Melodia



La Melodia consists of female MC Melodee and producer/DJ I.N.T. The duo stands for warm,soulful yet raw hiphop music from the Netherlands.

Melodee and I.N.T. currently reside in Amsterdam but met in Eindhoven, where they grew up under the smoke of the Philips factories. Hip Hop heads in this industrial city live by a 'do-it-yourself' mentality; creating their own soundsystem, squat parties and record store. Within that underground atmosphere, I.N.T. developed his DJ & producer skills, and Melodee first stepped on the stage.

After releasing a classic tape (on old fashioned cassette) with Imadodattaz, winning several talent shows and performing live shows in Paris and Ghent amongst others, Melodee started working on a solo project. This lead to a full collaboration between I.N.T. and Melodee. The 12” vinyl single Dough/For You formed the kickoff for La Melodia in 2004. The record was released independently and
distributed internationally by Rush Hour. In that same year La Melodia joined bookings agency Missin' Link. With success: in 2005 La Melodia toured throughout Europe for a month alongside Stones Throw artists Oh No, Wildchild & oldschool legend Percee P. A Dutch act opening for an American label in cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Prague & Manchester isn't reserved for many artists. La Melodia received positive feedback on the show and sold out the 12” twice during the tour.

Back in the Netherlands surprisingly enough La Melodia was approached by a Japanese label, Handcuts Records. Their interest was piqued after purchasing their single in a local recordstore. In 2006, La Melodia signed their album deal. Seven busy studio months later, La Melodia's debut finally saw the light of day in Japan in December 2006 through Handcuts Records/Universal Japan. Vibing
High is an organic whole of raw beats, bossa nova and warm soul with hiphop as a basis. 'Music is all about vibe and feel' is the main thought behind the debut, on which Melodee tells about her youth in The South, her love for music and more, surrounded by the warm sounds of I.N.T. Of course the album wasn't reserved for Japanese ears only; Vibing High was released in the Netherlands on September 28th, 2007 by PIAS Netherlands, and the album can also be found worldwide on I-tunes. Also there are two videoclips of the album available, one of them established and financed by MTV/TMF’s Kweekvijver project that supports unique and talented young artists.

After supporting for Pete Philly & Perquisite’s Mystery Repeats-tour in the winter of 2007, La Melodia set up a live band in February ’08 and started touring in Holland. After visting numerous cities through the country and receiving lots of positive feedback and media attention, La Melodia started to focuss on going abroad. Doing shows at The Sonar Festival (2006), Japan (2007), and several  memorable shows in different countries and cities in Europe made them hungry for more. In 2008 a show in Jakarta, Indonesia followed as well as a performance on Europeans biggest music conferance Popkomm, Berlin. Currently La Melodia is looking for a distribution deal to release the album in the UK, USA, France, Germany and Spain.

Meanwhile, I.N.T and Melodee are both also involved in other projects. I.N.T. released stuff on Stones Throw, Kindred Spirits, Fat City, Sonar collective and Dopeness Galore amongst others, while Melodee’s focuss had been mainly on regularly doing featurings in Japan on several labels. Melodee also has her own weekly radioshow called Future Vintage, works for Kindred Spirits Records and can be found as an MC in Amsterdam’s finest clubs on a weekly base. INT is always working in secret on new mindblowing projects to suprise the world with. La Melodia also still does shows throughout the country, in which Melodee's voice, flow and appearance are undeniable! You should catch em sometime and experience the energetic and unique show la Melodia is well known for.

"La Melodia is all about feel good vibes. And spreading those vibes across the globe. So come and taste the flavor… vibe with us."

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