Digital EP 2009
Produced by Mindesign

1. Celestial.r
2. Airways
3. Etcetera
4. Son (ft. Suzi Analogue)
5. Three Days Off
6. Ms.Taken
7. Sussexz
8. Son (Instrumental)



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Artist - Mindesign



Some where outside the city of "Brotherly Love" dwells the untapped vibrations of a freethinking instrumentalist by the moniker, Mindesign (or Mind for short).

Born in San Diego, California, Mind spent his early years submerged in musicianship.
"My uncle was a drummer and my pops played a little bit of guitar.  I was real young at the time, so my memory's a bit fuzzy, but if there’s anything I can remember, it was always being in the garage playing with the drum set. I always had a thing for drums…something about the boom bap."  After making the move to the east coast at the age of 6, he somewhat drifted away from that musical atmosphere, only to be reunited with it in his middle - high school years where he observed his older brother making beats with FruityLoops.  Fully embracing the beat making culture, Mind stayed focused, diligently perfecting his craft.  As time passed, it was becoming more apparent that his passion was destined for the world to appreciate.  Drawing influences from a multitude of musical genres (classic rock, funk, soul, progressive jazz, electronic, & obvious hip hop producers), he strives to maintain purity in self-expression.  Mind's pieces seem to embody an organic feel, taking you on a spiritual vacation through strong buildups and complex motifs. Equipped with cosmic textures & soulful harmonies, he invites you to open your ears, as well as your heart.  "If there’s anything I’m looking to achieve through my music, it's reminding folks that Love is all you need."  

RBM is extremely excited to reveal Mindesign's first solo release "Lights & Tunnels". 
Get ready to travel on this cosmic journey through space and time.


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