Super Baby

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Vicelounge | Supa Baby (God I Want You Here) RBM002.5
Digital release
This single is now available on the Vicelounge ep
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YO... “Supa Baby” redefines what soul music is and will be!!!

Now, haven't you heard that B.S. before? We do not really believe that. We hope you do not believe that either. Rather we hope that you are moved to use this song to help you create a mood. Finish a mood. Establish a mood, or get that her/him in the mood.

All we want is for you to be happy and maybe we want to share in this happiness... “Supa Baby”...the cure for the common cold and a great way to get your groove on.

So take us home with you. Pass us on to a friend or 200. It’s ok.
We want you to! I swear.

Do it soon, because in the fall we won’t be so “free” with our art.

Oh yeah, those vocals written and delivered by the lovely Dee Ferguson (4Lux/BBE)... she is OUR muse, so hands off!

- Tai + Jonn (Vicelounge)

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