Dear Man

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Vicelounge w/Dee Ferguson - Dear Man RBM009
7" vinyl single & Digital Maxi Single 2009 
* Limited Edition Pressing *

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A. Dear Man (Original Mix)
Produced by T. Allen, J. Nubian, D. Ferguson, B. Campbell
B. Dear Man (Apple Remix)
Produced by T. Allen, J. Nubian, D. Ferguson, B. Campbell

* Foreign Language
Produced by T. Allen, J. Nubian, D. Ferguson, B. Campbell

* = on the digital release only

Price $5.00 (USD)

for physical purchase

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Dee Ferguson gives our music emotion. It is the best way to describe her voice over our music. Supa Baby was special because it expressed love, a hot sensual love. At the time, Jonn made the drum samples and i started sampling the chorus, there was love in our cipher. Big time. I was giggling little boy, who who could not control his emotions or libido. Jonn was dating the women who would eventually become his wife and birth their beautiful daughter. Craig was in bliss with my future sister-in-law. Nyaze was coupling with a talented, beautiful lady i hooked him up with.

Across an ocean, and three nations, Dee Ferguson was going through a similiar affair. Love. And Supa Baby captured it.

Dear Man. It is a walk in the falling apart, the break down of love.

I will not attempt to understand what she was feeling, but when I hear the song I am taken back to three personal situations. Places where my heart still cries. My lost loves. Not ended love, lost love. Emotions for women I thought had length or future. Dear Man can easily be Dear Girl or Dear Love; in my head I have substituted the pro-nouns.

The song says so much; was written so quickly; recorded so easily; and, feels so good... or is it bad?

Foreign Language is another example of Dee capturing the moment. Again love is the culprit. But this is happy love. Sorta. I think?1 The music was made while i was foggy with a lover, but liking her much. The scatting just reminds me of controlled chaos. The scatting verses, per my request, are pretty and full of color but indecipherable. I am unsure, and i have never asked, what she means by foreign language. I always think it is just another way of describing how difficult it is to understand the subject of one's affections.

It all just sounds so perfect.

Yes, love a mystery, when engaged or broken. Dee captures both so well.

It is amazing feeling to know a singer understands what you are trying to say, I hope we are doing the same for Dee Ferguson.

- vicelounge (tai allen and jonn nubian)
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